Vintage Pulp Oct 28 2012
Not sure what type of tree this is exactly, but let’s head over to the plant nursery and pick up a few.

Above is a very interesting shot for the Goodtime Weekly Calendar of 1963 featuring a blonde in a tree stump. Very strange, which is perhaps why the photo is credited to anonymous. Kudos to the brave model. As far as the Goodtime Weekly quips go, they’ve been mostly ho-hum up to this point. A few have been mean spirited, or disrespectful, or just plain incoherent, but because acceptable humor changes over time, we chalked those up to the social mores of the early 1960s. This week, though, the Goodtime boys go careening off the rails with a Halloween quip that refers to beating women and dogs. The lyrical wording hints at an ancient provenance, but old or not, when Goodtime Weekly reprinted it without irony or apology, they took ownership of it, as far as we’re concerned. We’re always restrained here about judging previous generations by today’s standards, if no for other reason than to hopefully receive the same benefit of the doubt thirty or forty years from now when young people look at the things we’ve done. But there are exceptions. Joking about beating women is fucked up, and it was fucked up in 1963. Of that, we are pretty sure. Anyway, we don’t want to get too high and mighty about it, so that’s all we’ll say about it except that we hope for better from here onward.

Oct 27: “Many a bachelor longs for a wife who will take care of him—and so does many a husband.”—Frances Rodman
Oct 28: “A lucky man had a wife and a cigarette lighter—they both worked.”—Milt Newton
Oct 29: With Italian hairdos and French looks on American women, now everyone has a foreign affair of his own.
Oct 30: Never a lip that can’t be kissed into smiles.
Oct 31: A woman, a dog, and a walnut tree, the more you beat ’em, the better they be.
Nov 1: Romance: a sport in which the animal that gets caught has to buy the license.
Nov 2: Never run after a bus or a woman. There’ll always be another one along in a minute.”—Sam Cowling


History Rewind
The headlines that mattered yesteryear.
May 23
1934—Bonnie and Clyde Are Shot To Death
Outlaws Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow, who traveled the central United States during the Great Depression robbing banks, stores and gas stations, are ambushed and shot to death in Louisiana by a posse of six law officers. Officially, the autopsy report lists seventeen separate entrance wounds on Barrow and twenty-six on Parker, including several head shots on each. So numerous are the bullet holes that an undertaker claims to have difficulty embalming the bodies because they won't hold the embalming fluid.
May 22
1942—Ted Williams Enlists
Baseball player Ted Williams of the Boston Red Sox enlists in the United States Marine Corps, where he undergoes flight training and eventually serves as a flight instructor in Pensacola, Florida. The years he lost to World War II (and later another year to the Korean War) considerably diminished his career baseball statistics, but even so, he is indisputably one of greatest players in the history of the sport.
May 21
1924—Leopold and Loeb Murder Bobby Franks
Two wealthy University of Chicago students named Richard Loeb and Nathan Leopold, Jr. murder 14-year-old Bobby Franks, motivated by no other reason than to prove their intellectual superiority by committing a perfect crime. But the duo are caught and sentenced to life in prison. Their crime becomes known as a "thrill killing", and their story later inspires various works of art, including the 1929 play Rope by Patrick Hamilton, and Alfred Hitchcock's 1948 film of the same name.
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