Vintage Pulp Aug 4 2015
We’re really cooking with gas now.

You can probably discern at a glance that this poster for A tutto gas was made for the Italian run of the American musical Speedway. This isn’t really pulp material, but we liked the art, so there you go. A tutto gas translates to “at full throttle,” and that’s where the cheese-o-meter is pegged in this musical romp starring Elvis Presley as an indebted stock car racer and Nancy Sinatra as the tax agent who falls in love with him. The movie is silly but it has its charms, and Elvis fans will certainly like it. Be forewarned, though, that it was released at the height of his fame but still tanked at the box office. There are reasons for that. A tutto gas opened in Italy today in 1968.


Intl. Notebook | Musiquarium Sep 18 2012
We’ve got something special up our sleeves.

Above and below are the front and rear sleeves of four Japanese soundtrack pressings for the 1960s James Bond films Thunderball, From Russia with Love, You Only Live Twice, and Goldfinger. The themes were sung by Tom Jones, Matt Munro, Nancy Sinatra, and Shirley Bassey respectively, and pictured along with Sean Connery you see Bond beauties Claudine Auger and Shirley Eaton. Ms. Eaton, as wrong-place wrong-time Jill Masterson, had the dubious honor of being suffocated under a coating of gold paint, certainly one of the most infamous deaths of any Bond femme. We think these sleeves are great, and if you agree and want to see a lot more excellent 007 soundtrack art, check our previous posts here, here, and especially here.

On a related note, the Bond franchise’s fiftieth anniversary is next month, and in honor of the occasion former star Roger Moore, along with co-stars Britt Ekland and Richard Kiel, are touring around England with a Blu-ray box set of all the films, which are stored inside a gold case that is in turn comfortably riding in one of Bond’s preferred vehicles, an Aston Martin DBS. Actors, auto, and discs are visiting some of the iconic locations of the Bond series in advance of the release of the next film, which is entitled Skyfall. You can read more about all that here.


Hollywoodland Jan 21 2012
Confidential gets out its trusty airbrush.

We like this fun blue cover of Confidential from January 1968, but it’s just a bit misleading. The image of Nancy Sinatra is doctored to imply that she's naked. The original, which you see below, was shot around the time she was filming her 1966 comedy caper The Last of the Secret Agents? In the movie there’s a scene in which her dress gets snagged on something and accidentally torn off. The moment is played for laughs, in a public setting. The ensemble she wore in that scene is exactly what she has on in the photo, which suggests it was probably shot to promote the film.

Nancy in her undies could not save The Last of the Secret Agents? from bad reviews and an underwhelming run, but while the movie was a dud, the undies photo became quite famous and was used on many magazines, including a cover of The National Police Gazette that we showed you a couple of years ago. Leave it to Confidential to suggest that more came off during the filming of Secret Agents than ended up in the final version of the film, but as far as we know, Sinatra never appeared fully nude in any medium until 1995, when she was 54 years old and did a layout for Playboy. Before that she had shot a promo photo in which she appeared to be bare, but with arms and legs arranged to hide the naughty bits. The Playboy spread, by contrast, hid nothing. And Confidential? It hid the truth.


Musiquarium Apr 8 2010
A song is worth a thousand pictures.

The other day we realized that nearly all of our femmes fatales released records at some point, so we have a megapost of sleeves today representing a fraction of these multi-talented women’s musical output. We’ve heard most of the music, believe it or not, and while its quality varies, we do suggest you check out both Marilyn Chambers and Reiko Ike—their simulated orgasms are quite pleasing to the, er, ears.


Musiquarium Nov 19 2009
Nobody does art better.

James Bond soundtrack albums and singles, with production art covers, plus paintings by Frank McCarthy, Robert McGinnis and others.     


Hollywoodland Aug 27 2009
Nancy Sinatra sets Guinness record for world’s biggest panties.

We had planned to share more Dutch pulp today, but we can't manage the work after last night, an eventful foray into the Amsterdam social scene that included getting tossed from a bar called Royalty. And we don't mean tossed like politely asked to leave. We mean tossed like bouncers putting us in arm locks and bum rushing us out the door. So we won't be going back there. Anyway, here's our backup post, an August 1969 issue of The National Police Gazette, with Nancy Sinatra rocking the retro bod and granny panties. Notice her missing navel—in 1969 exposed navels were still considered risqué, which is why they had only just begun to appear in movies, weren’t shown on respectable magazine covers, and were entirely banned from television. At first we thought it was possible Nancy’s naughty little button was tucked inside her bottoms, but then we began to suspect it had been airbrushed away. Finally, we decided she’s an alien with no navel at all. Which also would explain the wink—that’s what aliens do when they’re about to probe you. But then we found two more photos from the same session, which are proof positive the airbrushing theory is correct, and that she isn’t an alien. A shame, really. After last night, we could use a good probing.


Hollywoodland Feb 25 2009
Mansfield makes any tabloid a major event.

February 1961 Top Secret cover with Jayne Mansfield getting the prime spot, plus Lucky Luciano, Suzy Parker, and Nancy Sinatra. See ploenty more from this tabloid here.


History Rewind
The headlines that mattered yesteryear.
January 22
1946—CIA Forerunner Created
U.S. president Harry S. Truman establishes the Central Intelligence Group or CIG, an interim authority that lasts until the Central Intelligence Agency is established in September of 1947.
1957—George Metesky Is Arrested
The New York City "Mad Bomber," a man named George P. Metesky, is arrested in Waterbury, Connecticut and charged with planting more than 30 bombs. Metesky was angry about events surrounding a workplace injury suffered years earlier. Of the thirty-three known bombs he planted, twenty-two exploded, injuring fifteen people. He was apprehended based on an early use of offender profiling and because of clues given in letters he wrote to a newspaper. At trial he was found legally insane and committed to a state mental hospital.
January 21
1950—Alger Hiss Is Convicted of Perjury
American lawyer Alger Hiss is convicted of perjury in connection with an investigation by the House unAmerican Activities Committee (HUAC), at which he was questioned about being a Soviet spy. Hiss served forty-four months in prison. Hiss maintained his innocence and fought his perjury conviction until his death in 1996 at age 92.
1977—Carter Pardons War Fugitives
U.S. President Jimmy Carter pardons nearly all of the country's Vietnam War draft evaders, many of whom had emigrated to Canada. He had made the pardon pledge during his election campaign, and he fulfilled his promise the day after he took office.
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